Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Culturally Crazy!

I had an interesting point of view brought to me by a gentleman in Africa that opened my eyes to how the rest of the world sees our tragedies. It's always good to understand the perception of people who don't share your culture or environment, because we are not the only society on earth, and how others perceive our culture speaks volumes to how they react. So their take on the recent violence in Colorado goes like this....

"When an Arab commits mass murder, he's called a terrorist. When a black man commits mass murder he's considered a thug. When a white man commits mass murder he's considered insane."

He brings to light a great point. What clear thinking individual involves themselves in mass homicide? It takes some level of distorted thinking to rationalize that thought process to a point where it's an acceptable action. Wether that distortion is brought on by religious indoctrination, sociological conditions, or a major short circuit in the behavior process they all share the same issue. Somehow the Arab, Black Man, or White man was driven to this act of violence through irrational thought. The label we apply to the individual because of their race is simply society's way of defining that method of insanity. Actually it's our culture's way of offering an excuse for their behavior. The Arab's insanity is justified by his religious indoctrination. the Black Man is a victim of his economic culture and social conditions, and the White Man has no excuse other than his thought process was defunct. In reality, they are all the victim of irrational behavior brought on by some means of thought that allowed them to justify those actions.

No matter how you label their excuse, they need to be removed from society because they have proven they cannot function responsibly around others.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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