Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Must Do Better!

Well today's a political day because I just cannot get this issue out of my mind. If you don't live in a cave your aware that at the end of the year the tax cuts granted to the American citizens, (all of them), under former President George Bush will expire by the end of the year. And in turn your probably cognizant that our current President has decided that they need to be renewed for everyone who earns under $250,000.00 a year, and anyone over that thresh hold the pending increase should stand.

This is so wrong in so many ways. First of all the law applies to you and I equally as it should in any society that loves justice. We hold this premise so dear it's inscribed over the entrance to the highest court in the land in these words, "Equal justice under the law." Now if we all understand that the tax code is a law, it shouldn't be too difficult to comprehend that if I'm taxed at one rate, we all should be taxed at the same rate. That is simply a fair treatment for all the people who live and earn income in this country. If you earn more the fact that we tax by percentage allows for you to pay more, but that percentage should be the same for everyone. Otherwise the tax code is being used as a penalty to retard success.

When the Bible tells us to tithe, it doesn't say some should tithe at different rates than others, in fact 10% across the board is what is called for. Here's a question for you. Are we elevating the government over God by insisting that a larger percentage of our income goes to the government than our spiritual cause? Isn't that a tad arrogant?

Now the President has this brilliant idea he's trying to use to convince the other legislators who stand opposed to this increase that's absolutely absurd. He's announcing that since they all agree that those under $250,000.00 should see an increase, the legislators should pass that part and they can negotiate the tax increase on the wealthier individuals at a later date. Right! While this kind of trust might be issued to someone who actually wants to have this discussion in good faith, you'd have to be an absolute simpleton to believe he has any intention of furthering this discussion after the President's agenda has been passed. This is the "liar in chief," a man who stands before the American public and knowingly announces either half truth, or outright lies. There is no trust to be ceded an individual of this historical deception. We are dealing with a total lack of character, no integrity, and trust is the last thing you grant individuals like this. Well, really the last thing you should give him is your vote, next to last is your trust.

Your word is your sacred bond. How did we get here? We have a leader that if he told you his shirt was blue, you'd have to have that verified by several trusted sources to believe it. Is this really how we want our country led? The man wrote two books about his life and they are both a pack of lies! We can't even trust he was the author! It terrible not to be able to get past the front cover before your calling into question the integrity of the information inside. This is what our country has making decisions in the executive branch. Is it a wonder that we've reached the state of decay we currently enjoy? We can and must do better!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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