Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Serves Who?

It's really interesting the twist from the norm this experiment we call America has brought to the world. Imagine, if you will, back in the day, countries were ruled by monarchs, and/or tyrants. Citizens were overseen by a ruler. People were put on earth to serve the ruler. Then along comes along this country that declares, enough!

Our forefathers designed and implemented a form of government where it's function was to serve the people, not visa versa! The Constitution mandated what a government cannot do, and the Bill of rights was directed against government control and for the freedom of the individual. An exclusive declaration of individual rights that supercede any public or social power! They focused on the concept of individual rights and gave birth to a free society.

Does anyone recognize that model anymore? The elderly rely on government to pay them a retirement bonus. The poor to feed and house them. The sick to pay for their health care. They pay the unemployed to remain idle. Instead of focusing on the power of the individual, we look to "collectively bargain," union workers benefits and pay increases. We've begun to rely on the government to fill the role of a charitable organization, and we forfeit our tax dollars as donations to continue this assault on individual responsibility. I'm afraid we've strayed from the intent of the original design.

Each and everyone of us has a responsibility to ourselves, and our nation. It's time to remind ourselves what independence means. We are morally and ethically bound to rely upon government as little as possible, in every situation. Each time government intercedes for us, we, by default gift our independence to a bureaucracy that will treat us like a herd. One size fits all! Are we individuals, or a flock of sheep? Every step toward dependence on government is a step way from freedom.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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