Sunday, April 10, 2011

War Mongers!

As I study history it reveals some absolutely amazing things, and I have to chuckle as I listen to our elected officials in Washington, and their stance on war. Apparently the left wing liberals have an awful taste in their mouths about our involvement in any conflict, that uses our armed forces. They constantly squeal like pigs whenever there is a camera around, about how we are spending good tax payer dollars on all the conflict in the Middle East. This is consistent and traditional with the liberal party. They are the same people who back in the 1960's executed sit ins, and protested the Vietnam war by burning flags, bras, draft cards, and doing pretty much anything radical to get attention. Not much has changed, except they trade their radical actions for radical words.

In the same breath they suggest we could use that money for "social" programs, (that's code for socialist). Today's supposed peace loving left, professes love and concern for the survival of mankind, and all our military actions should be abolished. We should have no involvement in settling disputes militarily, yet these same peace nicks do not oppose dictatorships. The political views of the democratic party range through all spectrums of government intervention, from socialism to fascism, to communism. Many of them are outright members of the communist party.

So they are opposed to the use of coercion by one nation against another, but not by the government of a nation against it's own citizens. It's a no-no to have two parties have an armed conflict, but perfectly acceptable to have an armed government use force against it's unarmed citizens. Note: you might remember this next time a liberal is ranting about removing your second amendment right to bear arms. How many of our liberal politicians support the Middle East actions of those opposed to the nation of Israel? Those are all dictatorships fighting the democracy of our allies, especially the state of Israel. Have you also notice an affection for Hugo Chavez? Aren't they taking trips to visit the communist nation of Cuba, also a dictatorship?

Here's the interesting part of this hypocrisy, the liberal party is responsible for........

World War 1, credit, Woodrow Wilson, a liberal reformer. The result of this war led to not to democracy but the creation of three dictatorships

World War 2, credit Franklin D. Roosevelt, another "liberal", conservatives were opposed to our involvement in this war. They were smeared as, "isolationists," "reactionaries," and "America-Firster's"

The Korean Conflict, credit Harry Truman, liberal democrat.

Vietnam, credit John F. Kennedy. Do I need to point out he was also a democrat?

Iraq and Afghanistan, George Bush, okay you got me on one, or is that two?

Libya, that's all Obama's baby!

Kind of ironic those who tell us we cannot afford to be at war, and spent their youth protesting it, are the elected officials who get us involved in them. They are also supported of some of the most ruthless dictatorships in history. Is this a coincidence? I've also noticed the liberals are big proponents of the "have-nots", but has anyone noticed the "haves" are the countries that are rooted in freedom, not dictatorships? The degree of a country's freedom is the degree of it's prosperity. The democrats are commonly heard saying "poverty breeds war," but what breeds poverty? Pssst, a heavy handed government, socialism, fascism, or communism.......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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