Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Abundance Of Love!

I don't know what compels me today, but for some unknown reason the topic of abundance comes into my head. As I took my morning stroll with Bear, we came across one of our favorite couples. They are retired and speak with an accent, so I'm guessing they migrated here. Whenever we cross paths, we take a pause to exchange pleasantries, and Bear get his pet from both of them. Our conversation always begins with, how have you been? This time that question was met with a different response. The gentleman tipped his hat and said, "not good" pointing to his head. His wife said he just got back from a month long stay in the hospital. So I asked if he'd had skin cancer, because he was pointing to his bald spot. His wife told me he's had a stroke. As the encounter drew to an end, I could see the fear and concern in her eyes. Her life partner had been reminded that life on earth is short. I can understand her fear, they have been blessed with an abundance of love, which is apparent whenever you see them walked down the street hand in hand. Today that grip was a little tighter, and they walked noticeably closer. That abundance had been threatened after so many years of familiarity.

When we are blessed with an abundance of anything, it's a great idea to pay it forward. This couple lives that principle everyday. As they take their daily walk everyone is greeted, and treated, to the love they share. Although they struggle a little with the language, it's not hard to understand the message they exude. The abundance of love they share is a blessing, and they pay it forward everywhere they go. They are fantastic examples for us all, and Lord knows I get reminded of that every time we cross paths.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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