Friday, April 1, 2011

America's Finest!

In my never ending study of leadership, spurred on by my mentor, Orrin Woodward, I've taken his advice and sought out historical examples of great leadership. Arguably, one of America's pillars of leadership has been George Washington. I thought I'd share a comparison of Washington and Napoleon, written in 1932 by Noel Porter, Arch Deacon of California....

"Finally Washington manifested the spirit of the Cross of Jesus Christ-the spirit of self sacrifice and unselfish service. During the time that Washington lived there was another great general in the person of Napoleon. Napoleon was a great military genius, but Washington was the greater man. France can never repay Napoleon for rescuing her from the hands of the despoilers; yet while he waded through the seas of blood he thought only of a crown and a bauble for his son. Washington waded through blood and hunger and privation for his country's sake and when it was done he asked no reward save to be left alone in his Virginia farm. Napoleon asked for a crown and received nothing; Washington asked for nothing and received a crown."

Washington was a selfless soldier committed to his calling, strategically minded, fearless in battle, concerned for the welfare of his soldiers and civilians alike. It's easy to see why he's taken his place in history as a premier example of leadership.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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