Thursday, April 28, 2011

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same!

It's interesting how history repeats itself. We would do well to have a grasp on the past, it would save us oh, so much pain. Ayn Rand gave a lecture on April 16,1967, in Boston, at the Ford Hall, where she highlighted some of the issues of the Vietnam War. See if any of these ring true today....

"When a country is at war, it has to use all it's power to fight and win as fast as possible. It cannot fight and non-fight at the same time. It cannot send it's soldiers to die as cannon fodder, forbidding them to win. (Sounds like one of the complaints of the current wars we are fighting?)

What is the moral state of a country that spreads smears about itself and ignores or suppresses the facts about the enemies atrocities? What kind of society allows it's citizens to stage parades carrying the enemies flag? Or to promote the enemies philosophy on university campuses? (not much changes in four decades).

The ugliest evil of the Vietnam war is it does not serve any national interest of the United States. (Again a lesson we could have learned from the past).

None of us know why we are in that war, how we got in, or what will take us out. (Sentiment sounds familiar)

They tell us the spread of communism must be contained in Asia- but not in Africa. They tell us that communism aggression must be resisted in Vietnam-but not in Europe. they tell us we must defend the freedom of South Vietnam-but not the freedom of east Germany, Poland, Hungary,Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Katanga, etc. They tell us North Vietnam is a threat to our national security-but Cuba is not. They tell us we must defend South Vietnam's right to hold a democratic election. ( You know if you just switch around the names of the countries, this is exactly the situation today)!

It's pretty evident history is repeating itself, as we've all been told it does. Forty four years later and the situation is basically the same. The only thing we don't have similar is the draft.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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