Thursday, April 7, 2011

The "ISM" of Freedom!

Capitalism allows a man to be a sovereign individual, who owns his person, his mind, his life, his work and it's products. It's a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, where property and all it produces is privately owned. It allows men to be free, independent individuals, the premise of the founding fathers. It's based on the right to life, which is the source of all rights, including the right to property!

There are those who want your gains to become property of the state. They feel you are part of the collective. Your efforts should be to serve the tribe, an indentured servant, if you will. Allowing them to control your property, your production, your products, and expropriate it for the good of the state, in the manner they please. If they observe a shoemaker, they find it difficult to understand he is working in order to make a living, and to survive. It is their belief his real purpose, and duty, is to provide society with shoes.

What's really sad is, those same people, when they hear the communist doctrine that all property should belong to the state, they reject it emphatically, and claim they'd fight that tyranny to their death. Yet in the same breath, speak of government's duty to effect "a fair redistribution of wealth." The entrepreneur is taxed, because he owes the tribe, (society), as they could have prospered without the collective's natural resources.

Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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