Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flip Floppers!

There was a time in this nation, where we existed on a two party system. The Republican's based their ideology on creating a strong business atmosphere, a working America was a strong America. The Democrats were a party based upon the interests of the working man who supplied the labor that made those businesses great, ergo boosting America.

A political ideology is a set of principles aimed at establishing or maintaining a certain social system; it is a program of long range action, with defined principles serving to unify an integrate particular steps into a consistent course.

I propose we've strayed from the above definition. Actually, there doesn't seem to be a long range plan, rather a day to day assessment defining what serves who best at the moment. See if this next definition doesn't apply better to today's political atmosphere...

Anti-ideology consists of the attempts to shrink men's minds down to the range of the immediate moment, without regard to past or future, without context or memory- above all without memory, so the contradictions cannot be contested, and errors or disasters can be blamed on the victims.

Those who practice anti-ideology, use it to disarm the opposition, switching at will, when it suits the purpose of the moment. That purpose becomes the "gang" they serve. Sometimes it's the unions, sometimes it's big business. The criteria seems to be which "gang" will serve the politician come election day, rather than principles they stand for!

How many times has Washington acted in defiance of the results proven by history?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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