Friday, April 29, 2011

Know Why You Know!

I think it's necessary to caution everyone to choose their words wisely. Often we are baited into calling our Republic a democratic society, which is a bit of a perversion of the intent of a Republic. This maybe by design, an effort by the left to nudge us away from the principles our nation was founded upon. Let's examine this further....

"Individual freedom" is not a primary political principle in a democracy. It cannot be defined, defended, or practiced without the primary principle of individual rights. A traditional "democratic society," means unlimited majority rule, which through the will of "mob rule', (democracy) can trample the rights of an individual. The "will of the people" can trump the "rights of the individual," obliterating the concept of rights.

Let's take an pause for an example. Suppose a democratic society has voted itself cradle to grave entitlements. Everything the people need is supplied by the government. This eventually causes budgetary problems as incomes never meet needs. So the younger voting block decide to put an age cap on resources, once your outside your productive years, say 55, your no longer given healthcare because it's a drain on the budget. To quote the Star Trek character Spock, "the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few." It's popular with the majority, but it infringes on the rights of the more aged population, ergo, individual rights. This type of example is the downside of an unchecked democratic society, and I propose why our forefathers designed our nation as a Republic.

A Republic, in it's original form, has a set of checks and balances limiting the power of the "mob rule," and putting first and foremost the rights of the individual. So why is it suggested to us that we are a democracy? Well, there are people who are frustrated with the system that limits their push for power, a democracy suits their needs better. What is a union but a democracy? Doesn't the entire "mob" vote their agenda? Aren't the majority of teachers, who school our youth, part of this same system? Would it be easier to achieve their agenda by promoting democratic rule, rather than the constraints of a system that holds power in check and upholds the rights of an individual? Don't those same unions finance, (to the tune of millions of dollars), the campaigns of politicians to gain favor and influence legislation? This is but one example of those who hunger to destroy the Republic for a personal utopia, cloaked under the guise of protecting the individual by grouping them together as a mob. It's contradictory, at best, and at worse, self serving and selfish.

Next time someone vocalizes that we are a democracy, take the time to explain the difference. The future of the Republic depends upon it!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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