Saturday, April 23, 2011

Washington Exposed!

Today I want to touch on this tax the rich hullabaloo. We are dancing on the edge of a class warfare battle, inspired by out of control politicians, hungry for our tax money. The evil party here isn't the successful people who drive our nation's economy and produce the jobs necessary to have a healthy GDP, but it's the wreck loose spenders running unchecked in Washington. They are trying to deflect attention from their irresponsible behavior by demonizing a sector of the very people they were sent to Washington to serve.

The argument they don't do their share absolutely floors me. They twist math around like it doesn't exist! Let's begin with one of the principles our nation was founded upon. "All men are created equal." Now call me silly but that implies to me that you and I are the same, we put on our pants one leg at a time, we need to eat to survive, and we all START life naked, crying, and without a grasp of the language. Add to that another principle that is engraved, not written in pencil, over the Supreme Court building, " Equal justice under the law." I get the impression that a written law is applied the same to you as it is to me. Is not the tax code a law? So why is it applied progressively? Is this the liberal progressive's idea of making progress? At least it's named after those who try to use it as a weapon against the successful.

I love the talking point the tax thirsty left uses that this country supplied the means for the wealthy to acquire that wealth, and they should give back. Let's dissect that. First of all if everyone is created equal, as I described above, weren't we all supplied with the same level playing field at birth? Didn't society supply us with the same education opportunities as each other? Isn't the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful how they applied those opportunities? We are the result of our decisions. Since the unsuccessful chose not to apply themselves, why should those who did be punished? The successful managed somehow, to see through the crappy financial education supplied by those who don't know how to handle money in the first place, and learn the principles that allowed them to accumulate wealth. Shame on them, for not falling in line and being a slacker as they were taught in school. Speaking of shame, the second part of that statement suggests the top income earners give back, that's a great idea! Except they should give back to those who know how to distribute charity without waste and fraud. I'm afraid that leaves the government, out. Personally, I would rather see endowments to provide educational opportunities given to private concerns, monies distributed to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, or The Shriner's medical programs, where they are applied without waste or fraud, void of bureaucracy. Where does the government get off being the social conscience? Isn't that, along with charitable distributions the job of the church? Why is it they want separation of church and state, yet insist on doing the charity work of the church?

Answer; Because it feeds their greedy need to control your money. If they have this giant pot of funds, they can "control" how it is distributed, and use it for their own gains. If the top wage earners ever decide to unify their financial resources, they could mount quite an opposition to those power hungry so and so's in Washington. Now do you see the need to tap into their funds? They fear what they cannot control. What financial fear do they have of the average Joe? Can you see why they despise the Tea Party movement so? All those "Joe the plumber" types got together and threw a wet rag on their "control" party they were throwing. They can't tax those people into submission!

So they raise the ire of the nose pickers of society and incite them to band together against those who have earned more than they. "It's not fair they have something you don't," they are told. Well, that didn't work when you were two, and it doesn't work now. The truth is the wealthy, be it corporations or individuals, pay the majority of the taxes Washington receives. Do they get tax breaks? Yes, but they are the same as for you and I. The reason they've got money is; they learned the lessons of how to keep it! There is no special breaks in the tax code for high income earners, it applies the same to us equally. They have learned Washington's game, and Washington hates them for it, and wants you to as well.

Example: General Electric paid no income taxes last year. Are they to blame for following the law, or is Washington the villain for putting the law in place that allowed them the deductions? Washington would like you to believe it's GE's civic duty to just fork the money over, absolving them of guilt.

One of their favorite targets is the evil oil companies. Your going to hear how they are making, "record profits," frequently. Here's why....

If you operate on an 8% profit margin and gas is $2.00 a gallon you make sixteen cents, a gallon pumped. If you still make 8% profit margin on gas that's $5.00 a gallon, you make forty cents a gallon. Same volume, same percentage, different price at the pump. Since gas prices have risen, because Washington has printed money and devalued the dollar, profits will increase. Who's really the villain, the company who has changed nothing but the price due to market increases, or the government who devalued the currency causing the market increase? Washington would like you to believe it's the oil company, those who possess common sense know better. Here's what they neglect to tell you...Increased profits equal increased tax revenue. Washington is full of intellectuals, just ask them!

"Intellectuals are those people who make complicated explanations against common sense!"-Chris Brady

"....the rest of us work for a living."-Capt. Bill

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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