Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charitable Responsibility!

There is a basic metaphysical fact of man's nature, that his survival is based upon his use of reason. Does anyone else feel that based upon the lack of reason of late, that man's very existence is threatened?

Anyone who has ever been an employer, or an employee, has even observed men at work, or has done an honest day's work himself knows the crucial role of ability, of intelligence, of a focused and competent mind- in any and all kinds of work, from the lowest form of labor, to the highest paid position. These are the roots of American exceptionalism! Our abundance was not created by sacrifices to "the common good," but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own personal fortunes.

Altruism, the cloak the American left wraps itself in, seeks to rob intelligence of it's rewards by asserting that the moral duty of the competent, is to serve the incompetent, and sacrifice themselves to anyone's need. They even go a step further by denying the existence of intelligence and it's role in the creation of wealth. How many times have they sought to tax the heirs of those who've created wealth, and likened it to the winning of a lottery? It is morally obscene to regard wealth as an anonymous by-product of "the collective" and speak of it's redistribution. That my friends is up to the creator of the wealth as to what charity they wish to support.

This and this alone is responsible for our country's economic problems. Depressions and mass unemployment is never caused by those who create wealth, (this is for you Washington, quit blaming Wall Street), it's caused by government interference in the economy, and it's attempt to level men down to some common denominator, by interfering with charitable donations, assuming government knows best what to do with it's citizen's money. Funding of entitlements for their own personal gain, and bankrupting the tax pool.

How do we solve this? Simple....In a culture where such a statement is made, the guilty are not the left wing collectivists; the guilty are those who, lack the courage to challenge the altruists. We are afraid they'll play the morality card. The simplest of weapons lie right in our won checkbooks, be above reproach with your charity. It shows how irrational it is for them to label your morals, defeating the argument for the redistribution of wealth! Then shine the spotlight on your critic, and let's wash their charitable donations with the cleansing light of exposure. All too often, those who are pointing the finger at you are overly guilty of neglecting charitable causes. They hide behind the current redistribution of wealth the government uses our taxes for.

Leadership and the creation of wealth has it's responsibilities. We need to hold ourselves personally accountable to the small minority who are unable rather than unwilling to work, so the altruists have no excuse for government intervention. It's your hard earned money, let it be your decision what causes it supports!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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