Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Attempt To "Screw Up A Free Lunch!"

Now we know Washington doesn't get it. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to understand that the only way out of this mess is a balanced budget. If you have a budget that spends 1.6 trillion dollars over what it takes in, and you cut the spending by 4.4 trillion over 12 years, or you cut it 6.6 trillion over 10 years, your still losing money. Respectively, at that rate of spending, you have a ...

19.2 trillion deficit minus 4.4 trillion in cuts=14.8 trillion dollar shortfall, and likewise the Republican plan has us looking at 16 trillion deficit minus 6.6 trillion in cuts= 9.4 trillion in the hole, atop the already existing 14. whatever trillion that currently exists.

You can spin this anyway you like it's still a shortfall. Don't they teach basic math at Harvard or Yale? BALANCE THE BUDGET NOW!!!!

You can cry that Grandma isn't going to have money to eat, or we're going to kill women because they aren't going to get the free healthcare the government has been providing, that's all poppycock! Each and everyone of those items they are using to justify overspending is a social issue, not a government one. They should be addressed by society, not the government. The government is not an arm of charity! It is to do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves, and we are more than capable of providing those services to the public without government intervention. Where is it written that the government is a charity, I mean besides in a liberal's handbook? Get out of the business of being the social conscience of our nation.

Because our government has enabled our poor to live a life that people in real poverty can only dream of, they have no incentive to be anything but poor. Why save and delay our gratification to save for retirement? The government is going to provide us with social security, medicaid, and medicare. Well, here's why....

Relying on those programs just allowed the government to define your lifestyle or your retirement. All those programs fall woefully short of providing an acceptable lifestyle during retirement. Why do you think there are so many retired people employed at Wal-Mart or as baggers in the grocery store? Do you think that's how they planned to spend their golden years? Not a chance, they got duped into believing the government was going to supply them enough to retire on. Washington can't do the math required to operate a nation debt free, what made us think they could understand what type of income it would take to retire on?

Whenever you allow the "collective" to provide for your welfare, and ignore your personal responsibility, your going to be deeply disappointed. This is why Socialism, and Communism has failed in every political theater. Someone else cannot begin to understand what your hopes and dreams are, so your supplied with the bare minimum, that others maybe served also. Is life meant to be lived at the bare minimum? If you answer is yes, then get in the line for the government cheese.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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