Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Could He Trump The Field?

Everyone else has weighed in on Donald Trump's latest endeavor, so I thought I'd add my two cents. Some are calling it a cry for attention or an attempt to boost his ratings for his television show, personally I think he's simply had enough! So why is his bid at the presidential run so interesting? Simply put, America has also had enough! Washington speaks in sound bytes, spinning the truth to it's constituents, being oh so politically correct, then doing whatever the heck it pleases, often time contrary to the message it puts forth.

Our representatives in Washington don't have a clue how business works. Most of their knowledge has been preached from a book, lacking the reinforcement of practical experience. You can't expect to perform successful brain surgery following an instruction manual, it takes experience. We actually have elected officials who sought a career as a politician, they are void of any sense of reality experience by you and me. How could one expect to represent what one does not understand? It would be like me trying to be an advocate for nuclear physicists, while I might perceive to be able, I just don't have the experience.

He's where The Donald's attraction comes in, he makes no attempt to be politically correct, he'd rather just be correct. He says what he feels, and that's relatable to a great deal of us. The media fears him, and won't seriously challenge or disparage him, because he could buy their paper, TV station, or radio outlet and fire the finger pointer, and he's just liable to do that! Donald is one of the few that can keep the liberal media in check, neutering it's ability to influence an election. He takes a tough stand on our economy that most of us agree with, pointing out you cannot run a home or business as we financially run our country. All this is hitting home with the voters.

Is he a serious candidate for the presidency? Your guess is as good as mine! He does bring delicate issues to the surface, and opens them for discussion, breaking the politically correct taboos. This is a good thing, we need to have adult conversations about many, many issues. The Donald is stirring the pot, and God knows it's long overdue. Say what you will, he brings diversity to the field, and that's what has been lacking in the past. How many times during the last presidential election did you encounter a voter who wasn't happy with the choices offered to vote for?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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