Friday, April 15, 2011

I've Met The Enemy, And We Are It!

We in America have a daunting enemy! More powerful than Nazi Germany ever was, potentially more devastating than Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, and bolder than the Muslim extremists that brought down the twin towers. This evil lurks silently in the background awaiting it's turn to destroy our country. It's ignored by our military, not even on the radar of the CIA, the people at homeland security are hardly aware it exists, and the FBI doesn't have it on the top ten most wanted list. It's not a virus, yet it grows like the quickest of cancer, looming to poison our very existence. Most politicians ignore it, some even embrace it, and use it as a campaign endorsement. Here's the worse part....

It's a self inflicted wound! We, or should I say the liberals, created it!

There is not an economist our there that won't tell you that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid going to consume every tax dollar America generates very shortly, collapsing our economy. They only differ on when! On it's current growth rate, it'll ruin our nation economically. Why oh why, do we stand indifferent and allow the cry of, "but I deserve those entitlements," threaten our freedom?

The government was neither designed nor allowed by the founding fathers to become a charitable organization to aid the poor and elderly. That is the job of first the individual, then the family, then the church, then the community.

When a charity is running low on funds, it hits the streets, knocks on doors, and raises the money to stay in existence. When the government funds, designed to hand out to those in need, run low, they borrow money. Which is more industrious and least likely to fail? Charities encourage the people they help to become self sufficient, as they have others to lend resources to, the government, on the other hand, simply keeps writing checks. Again, which do you assume has a better success rate at rehabilitation?

There are those who'll never be capable of helping themselves. Those, I can assure you, number far less than the current number of actual recipients of aid. Yet every time we try to address these entitlements we are shouted down as uncaring. People our vessel is knee deep in water and going down, it's time to jettison the unnecessary items to stay afloat! Let charities serve those in need, and let government, govern.

Isn't it interesting, the liberal party has been responsible for the design of those programs designed to implode, and bring down our country from within? How does one with any sense of self responsibility, love of our country, and a desire to remain free and sovereign, continue to send these individuals back to Washington and positions of leadership?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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