Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Cannot Pilot A Vessel From The Stern!

Leader: "One who leads."

Leadership: "Position of a leader."

I think it's safe to assume that a leader's position is out in front. The one who makes the final decision to act, then applies all their resources to complete that action. If you combine those you lead with another to form a coalition, and they take the initiative to act, are you not then merely a follower, in tow of a stronger leader?

What has happened to our President recently has placed America as a representative of a coalition. When we participate with the UN action in Libya, we are not leading anything. In fact we are avoiding responsibility, handing off the criticism of the action to a broader stage. Although we supplied most of the firepower, bore the lion's share of the cost, we tried to shirk the responsibility of facing any critics of the action, by conceding the ultimate decision to others. It's just like the quarterback of a football team allowing those in the stands to call the plays. Then after they pulled the quarterback's strings like a puppet, having the quarterback stand in front of the post game reporters and bask in the glow of the victory, claiming his outstanding leadership to be the reason for victory.

American exceptionalism has taken another blow to the groin. I can't help but pray that the youth of our nation are too consumed with other activities to take this all in. Our founding fathers didn't sum up the opinion of the world before taking action against the injustice of the British Monarchy. We are under the control of a regime that believes in a "new world order." Mob rule by popular opinion of the global consensus!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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  1. Although I feel strongly that our country has far greater concerns to deal with than intervening in yet another country. I agree that our current puppet gov is now setting a precedent to empower the UN or get Americans used to a Global government.
    Where or when does it end? What are we to do to pull back the reigns on this out of control death machine?