Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How To Close The Gap!

Truth! Ah the truth, absent from our lives. Overcome by spin from politicians, warped by bias reporting in the news. Hindering communication because; Truth which is held in common, shared, and believed by all of the parties who communicate, is the foundation for all significant communication. Or in other words, if you lie or spin the truth, the dialog is wounded.

You know those who are unable to communicate need communication to overcome their communication problem. So if you cannot speak the truth, you'll never come to an agreement on anything. Here's the secret....

When the credibility gap between man and God is closed, the gap between man and man may be closed as well. It's sinful to lie! So until such time what comes out of our mouths, read in the papers, or spun by the media on TV, can be considered the truth we will always suffer doubters due to our lack of credibility. If Mother Theresa was alive, and made a statement, would it not be accepted as the truth? She's closed the credibility gap between man and God. She had fewer, if any, doubters when she spoke.

How's your credibility gap with your Maker?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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