Monday, March 21, 2011

Resource And Assets!

What defines one's ability to become successful? Is there a random selection appointing those who, "make it," and those who are left behind to feed on the scraps? Hardly, it's merely a personal decision. If you examine those who attain success, it's simply a matter of how you use your resources.

We all have a bank of resources. Successful people invest theirs, those who find themselves lacking choose to spend their resources. Some may think I'm referring to money here, but that's not the entire picture! So maybe we ought to define what resources are.

"The means of supplying a want or deficiency," "a country's wealth."

Your resources mind...and your spirit.

Do you invest time, or spend it?

Do you invest your money or spend it?

Do you invest your mind or spend it?

Do you invest in your spirit or spend it?

The answers to these questions no doubt define your level of success. Is your most precious asset spent recreating, or do you invest time? When was the last time you invested in your mind? Read anything to improve that asset recently? Is time spent in front of a TV or a computer, or are you developing relationships that will prove to be assets? Is you money tied up in bills and rent, or is it working for you in savings or supplying you some type of return? Have you developed yourself spiritually? Get yourself to church and invest in eternal salvation!

These might not seem profound revelations to some of you, it's because you've already realized these are the keys to success. We all possess these resources, though some maybe limited, they can all be utilized as assets if refined. It's simply the power of duplication. A little time invested allows for a little more, and it snowballs. Once resources are use properly, they become assets, and assets pay dividends. Those dividends allow for more free time, more income, a higher level of intelligence, and more spiritual awareness.

In contrast look at those who constantly struggle. How well do they use their resources?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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