Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is There A Shortage Of Men?

Yesterday there was quite a to-do about whether women should be worried about men's lack of masculinity, sparked by a newly released book. BINGO! It's about time someone pointed out the obvious. I don't need an AOL post or blurbs on the national news to alert me to this problem. Let's look a little deeper into this female concern.

When I was growing up we could turn on the television and there was a western or a war movie starring John Wayne. You could bet somewhere in the plot, between single handedly overcoming the forces of evil, he would be slapped by a woman for telling her what she didn't want to hear, then as he grabbed her wrists to prevent her from doing it again they would stare longingly into each others eyes and fall into a passionate kiss. The hero won the damsels heart, and then rode off in to the sunset to overcome whatever evil lurked awaiting the next challenge. Then on another channel you found Superman, standing for "truth, justice, and the American way." Over on a competing network was Batman, slugging it out with evildoers, protecting Gotham City. Now we have Barney. "I love you, you love me,la,la,la,la,la"

Boys aren't outside playing war or cowboys and Indians, that's politically incorrect. They are walking around at nine and ten years old with stuffed animals. When I was nine and ten I was cleaning my shotgun, reading Outdoor Life,and/or outside practicing fly fishing and yearning to go hunting or fishing. We had cap guns, the louder the better. Side note... We used to put the rolls of caps on the side walk and throw big flat rocks on them because it made a louder noise when the whole roll exploded. If kids did that today we'd have, OSHA, the EPA, Children's Services, and any number of government run agencies there to resolve this taboo. Everyone but the parents! We rode bicycles, skateboards, go carts, mini bikes, and ice skated without helmets, kneepads, or elbow guards. We played tackle football and baseball without helmets, pads, or supervision. We were allowed to be boys, training to become men, and all without a safety net. Here's another little ditty, when we played, we kept score! There were winners and losers. If I got a splinter, dad took it out with a razor knife, he always kept in his pocket. If I got hurt, I was told, "rub a little dirt on it.-," or "walk it off."

The first President I can remember wrote a book called PT109 about his encounter with a Japanese destroyer during his wartime service. JFK was a hero! Now we have a Commander in Chief who waits for.......FRANCE of all things, to take the lead when human beings are being abused in a foreign country. A President who votes present like a spineless invertebrate when America is called to duty. This is our elected leader? He waits for a coalition of countries to finally decide to do the right thing so he can "redistribute" the blame when this action is criticized. And women wonder if the fact men are less manly is a concern?

You can't help but turn on the TV and see and ad for the cure for erectile dysfunction. It seems all this society's attempts to replace testosterone with estrogen has caused an epidemic in the bedroom, and for good reason. Now a woman writes a book questioning if this is a problem? Not at all, we have a pill that replaces a man's penis! Maybe someday they'll make one to replace his spine dysfunction!

Some of our leaders, both political and religious, think it's okay for a man and a man, or a woman and a woman to adorn the top of a wedding cake. We've removed morality, principles, self accountability, religion, fun, and adventure from our young men's upbringing, and now they ask if it's having an affect? The simple answer is.....


God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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