Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Be Sharp As A Tack!

In this age of nuclear medicine, and unsurpassed break through's in caring for the emotional id, I came across this parable that I thought reflected some of the problems created by an over medicating, over sympathetic Freudian mind set.

The once was a young man who sat on a tack. As one might imagine that caused him considerable pain. So in an effort to relieve himself of this excruciating pain he visited a physician. The physician applied his years of medical training, and all the current technology available to relieve his patient of this pain. His best course of action was to prescribe medication to numb the pain in the affected area. Being a wise healer he also issued the patient a referral to a psychologist to see if he could find the root of the pain.

The psychologist was well versed in Freud and Rogerian theory, and was certain that the pain was caused by some repressed memory creating psychosomatic pain. He prescribed many, many visits and took his patient back to the past, in search of the wrong caused this individual, that created the pain he was feeling. He probed the patient's relationship with his parents, exploring the bond between mother and child, and questioned his relationship with our victim's father. The pain continued......

Our patient finally stumbled upon someone who led a life void of pain. He wanted the life he saw portrayed before his very eyes. So as a wise student might do, he sought counsel with the one who had what he wanted. The mentor saw immediately what the cause of the pain was, because he sought to find out what the problem was, not why. The mentor suggested the student remove the tack that was causing the misery. Since our student was sharp as a tack, he followed the advice, and now live a life free from pain. He's no longer a over medicated victim of circumstance, but a well healed, well advised contributor to society.

What is the problem?

What will it take to rectify the problem?

Don't do it again!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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