Friday, March 11, 2011

Catching Up!

Okay the fast is over, it's time to vent about current affairs!

First, the stupidest story in the news. Dear Charlie Sheen....If you have to tell people your, "winning," your not! The scoreboard is obvious

Now to the NPR scandal, I totally support public broadcasting, but it's time it supports itself. The name alone dictates that the government not be involved. The only public broadcasting the government should support financially is NOAH radio, all the rest are charities. They tell you on those stations when they ask for your contributions, that it's a charitable tax deduction. Government shouldn't take your money and use it to determine what charities survive. That's part of the whole freedom of choice thing the country was founded upon. If the government dictates where your contributions to charity go, your not a free man. You would think the intellectual elites who operate these charitable entities would be capable of grasping that!

Now the union controversy. Let me be clear, I'm not against a private sector union. I even give them a pass for ruining the steel industry in Pittsburgh, and Allentown. They get forgiven for the demise of Detroit and all it's suburbs, after pricing the auto industry out of competition. I'll ignore the negative impact they've had on Ohio and how they slaughtered a great deal of the industry there. I will not allow them to bankrupt and destroy our government.

Unions have pointed out how wonderful they are for workers rights and the working man's job conditions. They tout the forty hour work week, and overtime pay as accomplishments. Thank you! Now we have agencies that oversee workplace safety and insure workers rights, and they are given backbone by legislation to prevent abuse. I think most Americans will agree, we've paid our debt back to you. Like the buggy whip, it's time you take your place in history and fade away.

It's 180 degree opposite of the principles our nation was founded on to allow you to ignore our freedom of choice and demand people not only join your unions to become employed, but then automatically remove income from their take home pay for that right. That in itself exposes you for the socialist dictatorship you really are.

We know your in trouble when you pervert the first amendment right to peaceably assemble, with your destructive and bullying actions because you don't get your way. You've turned into a mob of labor terrorists. Your irrational and disrespectful behavior speaks volumes to the "benefits" you bring to the table. America will not be bullied. May the jails where you cause these actions be full, and the tasers depleted of their voltage. I can only pray those violators are prosecuted and sentenced with the maximum penalties passed down. This is not US Steel your assaulting, it's "We the People." Shame on you!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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