Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WAKE-UP! Thank You.........

My dog Bear and I take our morning walk at "O-dark thirty" religiously after I read the Bible. It's usually uneventful, a chance to reflect on what I'd like to accomplish that day, and review in my head what I'd like to address here as the topic of the day. So it's fair to say my mind isn't actually on the events around me during our stroll. As we made our way down the street a car approached the intersection just ahead. He was cruising along at the speed limit, probably in a hurry to get to work, when a car from his left pulled out right in front of him. He instinctively veered to his right, to avoid a crash and directly in front of him stood Bear and I. You could see the terror in his eyes as his wheels left the road and he leaned hard to the left on the steering wheel. If the car didn't respond promptly in the sand underneath, collision with us was a forgone conclusion. As I crouched to dive in the bushes the wheels stopped their slide and the car corrected and found itself back on the road. I looked up and thanked the Lord for traction, and the gift of another day. Maybe it was a reminder to appreciate all of His creation, if it was it worked. I saw the blue jays fighting, and heard the birds greeting the new dawn with their songs of praise. The color of the sky seemed that much more vivid as my usually preoccupied mind absorbed the glory of the new dawn. Isn't it funny, those heaven sent subtle reminders serve as a wake up call to appreciate what we take for granted. Today is a gift, and tomorrow shouldn't be taken for granted. Make today your masterpiece, and live it like there will be no tomorrow. You never know!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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