Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time To Get Off The Couch!

As a society we've been taught by those who judge the morality of man, by the morality of man and not by a standard imposed by a higher power, that our actions are, "not our fault." Problems like drug addiction, alcoholism, homosexuality, pedophilia, kleptomania, and binge buying leading to out of control personal debt, are not actually sins, but sicknesses, or diseases. By defining these as sicknesses rather than deviant behavior, it removes the personal responsibility from the individual. The "victim" cannot help themselves as their behavior is the result of an outside force, something they "caught," or were unlucky enough to have in their gene pool. The current mental health viewpoint in our society is plainly wrong, shifting the blame from the sinner and placing it on the shoulders of society, or a genetic disorder. It allows for a convenient "excuse," transferring the problem away from man's depravity based on fallen human nature. Accountability for the deviant behavior can be restored by simply assuming personal responsibility for it.

Since one is not considered blameworthy for catching the flu, those who love him are sympathetic to his condition, understanding they cannot help their situation, and make allowances for the victim. The medical community prescribes pills to numb the pain, when assuredly the cure lies in a clear conscience. Therapy demands the counselor take the "victim" back into their past to find the culprits on which they seek to place the blame. Usually the patient's problems are moral, not medical. The pain they are experiencing are not hidden in the past by the result of personal guilt. Problems can be solved not by the ventilation of feelings, but the admission of guilt and the acceptance of personal responsibility. The "victim" has to come to the revelation that the problems they are having are of their own making. The decisions they have chosen have led to their results in life. It's time to stop avoiding their responsibility for their actions and accept that these are learned behaviors. Ones they have adopted and accepted, resulting in ill feelings supplied by a guilty conscience, feelings of insecurity, and anxiety.

So, in the words of Dr. Phil....How's that working for you?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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