Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deal With It!

When an issue presents itself in our lives, there are generally four ways to deal with it. The first represents the cowards way out. Perhaps you caught the news recently where in Wisconsin the state representatives fled to avoid the vote to address the union issues that are plaguing their budget. You simply avoid the conflict as if it didn't matter. If I ignore it, it will go away, then the confrontation in my life will be minimal. I think we can all agree this plan of, (or lack of) attack never brings the desired results. Personally I can't recall anything that if I ignored it, ever actually going away.

The second manner of addressing problems is somewhat similar to the first. It's changing course and heading in a totally different direction. It's usually accompanied by the statement, "It isn't what I wanted anyway." The problem is deflected, pushed to the side and your attention is focused is sent off on another path. Basically you turn your entire momentum toward a different course and place the existing problem on the shelf. Once again avoiding the issue, trying to seem less cowardly, because your on a new track. It doesn't matter......

Retreat is the answer to those who define our next category. Run as fast away from the confrontation as possible. My guess is these cowards think that if they keep moving away from it, the problem will never catch up with them. The Army calls it AWOL, or a deserter. The problem being, not only does this create multiple other problems, you eventually run out of space to avoid the initial problem. It'll find you, you can run but you cannot hide.

The last way we address a problem is by confronting it. This is the way of a leader! Call upon all your resources and put it behind you. Why give anything that's bothering you anymore prudence than you need to. We all feel better whenever a problem is addressed and dealt with. It's the angst leading up to it that causes distress. Confront it and move on! One is in control of his or her circumstances when they confront and resolve the issues in their life, promptly and confidently.

Remember the strength you need is but a prayer away!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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