Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God Bless America!

One can't help but notice if you turn on the TV the horrid disaster that has befallen Japan. With the death toll rising, and their cities in ruin, it has to be a major challenge just to survive. Food is in shortage, even if you can find a store open, the shelves have been plucked clean. Gasoline lines are four to five hours long, and most of the time when your opportunity arrives, the supply is depleted. Nuclear plants are threatening to melt down, and the possibility of radiation exposure is a real consideration. It's extremely trying, and demands the utmost in emotional maturity. Yet there has been not one report of looting, protests, or any sort of tantrums. I can't help but contrast that to Wisconsin.

Why is it every time there is a disaster here in the United States, we have to bring in the National Guard and declare curfews? I'm thinking back to when Katrina hit New Orleans, residents sat in their homes armed to protect their belongings. Just recently the Capitol buildings in Wisconsin were defiled simply because the work force and their employers had a disagreement. The big earthquake in California was followed by looting, and God forbid we don't like a courtroom decision as that district will have to call in riot police. What is wrong with our culture?

We have a minority representation in this country that thinks of themselves first. Their code of ethics are defined by the ends justify the means, so whatever it takes to appease the selfishness that lives within them is just fine and dandy. As we have seen it's not confined to race, or economic lines, but by a political persuasion. They refuse to have God present in our schools, and demand we enforce a on-existent law separating church and state. They are proponents of abortion, and thoroughly believe the government is a charitable entity. They believe the government is the answer to every problem, and that man is the standard that man should be held accountable to. This is the poison that feeds the decline of our culture, and consistently embarrasses us every time our population faces adversity.

By contrast there is a movement to bring us back to the intent of our founding fathers. It's gaining momentum, and living by example. The group that realizes the power lies in the individual, not the collective. A group that can assemble and voice dismay to what they disagree with, peaceably, without destruction nor violence,and leave the facility better than they found it. Which seems more attractive to you? This group of citizens roll up their sleeves and get to work when adversity strikes, they don't protest and loot. They understand God is the ultimate judge of our time here on earth and hold themselves accountable to Him. They respect life and property, they believe charity is up to each individual, and when the need arises they give till it hurts. This group detests the lack of religion in our learning institutions, and relate the lack of results our public schools offer as proof of such.

Comparing apples to apples...Which seems more attractive to you?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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