Friday, March 25, 2011

A Couple Of Errors!

Have you ever heard the statement," it's lonely at the top?" It defines the ultimate bottom line of leadership. No matter how many counsels, coalitions, advisors or trusted partners you have coddled together, the final consequences for your decisions, fall on your shoulders. That is if your truly a leader. People appointed to positional leadership, void of the actual skills required to lead people, have a tendency to push accountability off on others. You know, like having, say, Hillary Clinton address the nation, and tell the citizens, the military action you agreed to get involved with, will be palmed off on the NATO forces. As if that admonishes you of responsibility, like when Pontias Pilate washed his hands of Jesus's execution, thinking that would shift the guilt to others. Have you ever seen the Secretary of State address the nation in a press conference to update a military action? So who was elected Commander in Chief, Hillary or Barry? What we have here is an absentee manager, not a president principled in the art of leadership.

In a completely different matter,,,Donald Trump went on "The View," and suggested Ole Barry produce a birth certificate. Now I'm not a "birther," I believe, (please note there is not the phrase,"I know", because the burden of proof isn't present), that President Obama was born in the USA, but what is the issue with supplying the proof? While being a president without a certified copy of his birth certificate, gets you a ride on Air Force 1 to any country you desire, it won't get you a valid passport. In fact, it won't even get you past the first window where they check to see that you have all your documents in order. Look, I know Barry is no George Washington, but as I noted in my post yesterday, George had something to say about this type of behavior...,.,.

In letters to Timothy Pickering, February 10, 1799, " Concealment is a species of misinformation." And again, August 29, 1797 " Candor is not a more conspicuous trait in the character of Governments than it is of individuals."

But then he understood and practiced leadership skills......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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