Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freedom and Dignity!

How's your dignity? Dignity is derived from independence. The more your capable of doing for yourself, the higher your level of self esteem. Isn't it a wonder that many in this great nation suffer from a lack of self esteem. They question their self worth, because they have allowed their independence to be quietly removed from them.

When you borrow money from a lending institution to say purchase a car, are you not admitting to the world that your not capable of the financial discipline required to save for that vehicle. Who holds the position of independence when you have to scroll a check each month to the bank so you can keep the car? The bank holds the ability to repossess that vehicle if you fail to comply to their terms. Financial freedom is a key to dignity. Imagine the shot to one's self esteem when they are burdened with credit card debt they cannot pay. Where is the dignity in that? Dignity is based in freedom!

Same applies to everything you allow the government to do for you. If they supply you healthcare, provide you food stamps, deposit an unemployment check in your account so you can survive. All signs you've traded your freedom and dignity for government welfare.

If your community tells you how long your lawn can grow before they fine you, or if they allow you to park a truck in your driveway, all speaks to how they feel about your ability to make those decisions on your own. It kind of pokes you right in the old dignity, doesn't it?

Never allow someone to do for you what your capable of doing yourself. It's the key to a higher level of self esteem, and dignity!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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