Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Make Beautiful Music!

Today I thought I'd touch briefly on living a life of discipline. Sounds awful, doesn't it? It might be best defined as living a life of structure, with morals and principles being the foundation. Some people might find living a life of structure confining, but then I certain if you examine their results, it will reflect something less than desirable. Let's look at a couple of examples where structure or discipline is necessary.

If a train were trying to go from point A to point B, is it not an easier journey for that train to use the confines of the tracks that were laid for it to make that journey? Certainly if it left the tracks the journey would be more difficult. The structured discipline demanded by those who made the route is also what is makes the trip so effortless.

How about the example of a symphony? Without a structured discipline of how and when the notes were to be played, wouldn't you in fact just have noise? When the conductor applies the discipline demanded by the author of the music, that unorganized noise becomes a beautiful melody.

How does that apply to your life? With the foundation of morals and discipline you have the means to build a giant superstructure. Without that strong base upon which to build there is nothing to support you as you reach toward new heights. God above has granted us the free will to apply this as we see fit. Are you going to use the "confines" of discipline to drive your train down the effortless path and create a symphony out of your life? Or are you going to struggle undisciplined creating a noisy chaos trying to push your train in the sand?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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