Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We Are Banking On The Cheeseheads!

Go Wisconsin!

Today is a very important day in American history. We've come to a defining moment in our Republic and we've given this responsibility to the voters in Wisconsin. The recall election of Governor Scott Walker is a reflection of the attitude of the citizens of this great country. Are we going to allow a union to define how and what our government employees are paid, or are we going to reward our state employees in a fair and merit based system?

Now don't get me wrong, unions have done great things for the labor force of this country, but they've shifted their focus from labor to politics. The union mission statement has turned it into a funneling organization for donations to political campaigns in return for favoritism. They financially encourage candidates to become elected to do their bidding. Which creates a giant circle of mutual benefit from union dues, to large campaign donations for candidates, back to favorable voting in union negotiations. The union employees are overcharged for their membership and the money that should provide them benefits is funneled into political campaigns. How many of the union retirement funds are under funded? Yet the union political arm is one of the most powerful, well funded, organizations in the campaign cycle. Who's agenda are they serving?

America was founded on the principle of exceptionalism. The union mantra demands the person laboring next to you receive the same pay void of his ability or output. It's a form of Communism! When it comes to state employees, we want the best teachers to be rewarded handsomely, the best police officers paid what they deserve, and the best firemen all the benefits they deserve. The slackers should go find another career. Your educating our children, protecting our communities, and keeping us safe. Don't you want a well rewarded, happy, competent individual doing those tasks? Or would you rather a disgruntled slug who wants to know when their next coffee break is so they can discuss their next incentive less cost of living raise?

Now the current Governor of Wisconsin has taken office, overcome a budget deficit, increased employment numbers, and supplied the state with a tax cut. The unions are dissatisfied with his performance. Why? Because it's exceptional, they can't have that! How's that going to look for all the slackers they are protecting? America has come to a crossroad. Is it common sense that will rule this nation, or a self serving agenda that denies the exceptional their just reward? Remember the best definition of fairness is reward for merit!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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