Friday, June 22, 2012

My Fuse Is Lit Today!

I watched a video the other day exposing a report our government has released. Inside this document, (created by the state dept.) the Federal government has accused the Vatican of being a money laundering operation. Not long after I was treated to a post on Facebook where a liberal organization had depicted a large church as a tax drag on society because given the tax exempt status of bona fide religious organizations, this oversized building was infringing on the government's ability to collect taxes on that piece of property, thereby robbing the tax base.

What has our country become?

Somehow we've morphed into a people who believe taxation is the cure for all evil. These cowards depicted a church as they wouldn't dare use a gold domed Mosque because that religion would go jihad on a statement like that. Yet the Christian nation is under attack from all angles. Freedom of religion is a principle that we all cling to. For anything to be truly free it cannot be subject to taxation. Anytime a dollar is extracted from a church or an individual it has fewer choices on how to spend it's earned property. Less choices mean less freedom. Ergo taxation is a loss of freedom.

How do you have the gaul to propose to impose a tax on a charity that provides welfare for the less fortunate of this nation wrapped in a path to becoming self sufficient? Is the government jealous of the service churches efficiently provide society? I think they are! Here we have direct competition for the handouts government uses to buy votes to become reelected. It diminishes their control and power grab! It's absolutely disgusting.

 It's time to reclaim our country from these power incensed politicians. We have to get back to the principles that made our nation great. The lemonade stands and paper routes our youth learned entrepreneurial spirit from are even under attack by zoning and health code violations. This is what taught our kids to add value to the market place so someone didn't have to give them a job. We who were brought up in this atmosphere understood if you add value someone would gladly pay you. Today's generation expect a job prior to producing value. Grab a snow shovel and go door to door, rake leaves and do gardening, cut your neighbors lawn and learn how to add value! Then take that value down to your local church and add value to your community by charity. Charity is not limited to the Prince, it avails itself to the pauper as well. It comes in all forms, not just financial. Acts of service work just fine, and your value to the market place will increase!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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