Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reality Check!

It's not unusual to have our senses assaulted with rhetoric produced in Washington informing us of the lack of cooperation between the two parties. Actually it's not surprising that the difference of opinion causes a major roadblock to accomplishing most anything, they basically act like children. When treated like adults, people tend to act like adults, which satisfies and explains why nothing but bickering is accomplished by our representatives.

In business it's said that if folks are not truly your business partners, they will undermine your strategy. Apparently that applies to government as well. Don't expect cooperation if your not willing to enter a partnership with a goal designed to responsibly move this nation forward. It's even more foolish to go public and complain about the results your not getting when you didn't promote a vision that inspired everyone's unity.

Here's the problem, Washington is not ready to confront reality. The have even less will to expose the facts to the American people. Why are the numbers that define our economy skewed, then adjusted a month or quarter later? Are they too inept to keep track, or are they trying to deceive us? Why are we told the administration created X amount of jobs when it's very apparent they forgot to subtract the Y amount of lost jobs. They tell us the gross number of jobs gained, not the net numbers after jobs lost have been subtracted. Is it a wonder that any politician distances themselves from an alliance with this type of deception? Why are unemployment numbers "seasonally adjusted," and also modified by the number of people who've quite seeking employment? Are those people not out of work? Once again it's an attempt to deceive the public, and avoid accountability. Sign me up for that train going nowhere!

Character and integrity produces relationships that nurture trust. This is how you accomplish goals with the cooperation of others. I can't help but wonder what message this circus is sending to our youth as examples speak louder than words. We have to change the culture in this country, or we'll never change the politics. I don't care which side of the fence your political views reside on, this country is desperate for quality leadership based on principle; and if we don't change the culture, we'll continue to get the same results!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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