Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Survive, Or Conquer?

"You should not be satisfied with being a victim, nor with being a survivor; You should aim to be a conqueror. There is an extraordinary quality of spirit that leads one to aspire to conquering rather than surviving. I hope you discover that spirit in yourself!"-Dr Laura Schlessinger

It's far to prevalent in our society to encounter people with a victim mentality. It's the mind set of not failure, but of a quitter. Once you cede control to whom or whatever your a victim of, you've lost the ability to overcome that challenge. Being a victim means you've empowered your victimizer to own you! Who in their right mind would freely consider themselves a victim? The most depressing of these individuals are those who can be described as victims of their own thinking. What a powerful way to say someone lacks information to take action to improve their situation. Actually anyone who defines themselves as a victim is really a victim of their own thinking. Because once you make the decision to overthrow that thought process, our no longer a victim. Your seized control of your destiny! A victim is but one thought away from the tyranny of victimization.

Now what does it mean to be a survivor? Well your certainly not a victim! But wouldn't it be better to define yourself as a conqueror? For instance a cancer survivor instills a minimal thought of victory. "Whew, dodged that bullet!" Yet when you define that same person as a cancer conqueror, you immediately take away the sympathy of the obstacle and redefine it as empowerment. Would a walk for cancer conquerors attract more people than a walk for cancer survivors? The act of conquering something infers heroism, which I believe anyone who has face a demon like cancer is, heroic! Survivors just don't seem to have the air of heroism, like a conqueror does. Did the American forces conquer Japan, or did they just survive the attack?

Redefine the situation by using a definition that empowers the individual and you change the light upon which it is received. Words and thoughts have greater power than we often realize. You are what you define yourself as. Just call me, "William the Conqueror!"

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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