Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

A story just broke down in the Boynton Beach area that a shooting had occurred. It happened at a lounge called the "First and Ten Grill," as you might guess a bar. Since the story came across the wire at 6:10 AM, we can guess it came after a long night of alcohol abuse. As soon as the story was posted on Facebook there was a comment suggesting the government enact gun law legislation. Let's take a brief moment while I get my blood pressure under control.....

Once again misguided individuals believe it's an inanimate object that causes the problem and it's the government's responsibility to take the object away from us. They look to government as the parent who removes all "sharp objects" from the scene so those who aren't emotionally mature enough to handle the responsibility of having a "sharp object" in the room, don't hurt themselves or others. So the rights of others to be act responsibly is restricted because of irresponsible behavior by a few. People speed in their cars everyday, it's breaking the law, and irresponsible. Where is the outcry to ban cars? As I type this I have made spelling errors, should we ban computers? I was doing laundry the other day and spilled bleach on a colored item, it was ruined. Should I be not allowed to purchase bleach because I abused it's purpose and had a bad outcome?

Our founding fathers defined this thinking as tyranny. Perhaps you remember tyranny from your youth when Dad or Mom played dictator and told you no. It was for your own good, but it didn't take the bad taste out of your mouth any better then than it does now. Once you gained their trust and became responsible, more freedom was granted from the monarchy, and you were treated as an adult, or you defiantly moved away from the overseer.

The proper thinking in this situation is to punish the abusers of the law and not punish everyone in kind. The individual misbehaved, not the weapon. The criminal needs to be rehabilitated and taught the "Golden Rule." That's the answers to society's problems, not restricting everyone's rights with tyrannical law. Freedom has a price, responsibility; and if one cannot live up to that responsibility they need to have their freedom restricted, not the whole of the community. Punish the criminal, not society!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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