Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is There A Chance?


How much has chance affected your life? Do you give chance an opportunity to change your circumstances? Many people take chances. Some play the Lotto to give chance a bid at enriching their lives! Sometimes we take chances on people and hope for a positive outcome. Chance seems to be something most of us are willing to bet on.

Here's the scoop! Chance is merely a word we use to describe mathematical possibilities. Chance is not a thing. Chance cannot cause things to happen as it is utterly impossible scientifically, rationally, and theologically for anything to be caused by chance!

Chance has no power to influence anything, because chance is not an entity. For something to have power or influence it first must be, before it can do!

For every event there is a cause! I it's not yet understood it's simply because we don't have enough information. Not because chance influenced the outcome. Chance is merely the odds of it happening.

Do you realize how uneducated it we appear when one says that nothing, (chance), produced an observable affect? So don't live your life counting on chance, odds are not in your favor! Living with chance is simply relying on others to create events in your life. You have the power of influence. You also now understand that chance could not have been the cause of the creation of the Universe. That's some powerful information!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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