Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Viva Wisconsin!

The voters have spoken! What did Wisconsin say to the nation in yesterday's recall election?

We want politicians with courage! Grow a spine!
We want fiscal responsibility. Spend within your means.
We want freedom. Workers should have the right to join or not join a labor organization.
We are tired of special interest. Politicians are charged to work for the people!
Fairness is merit for performance, not guaranteed pay increases because you exist!
Exceptionalism is appreciated and rewarded.
We will choose leadership over partisanship every time.
We say no to higher taxes.
We say no to bloated government.

Yesterday Wisconsin sent a loud and clear message to the rest of the country. I pray Washington and the entire nation accepts and takes to heart the message the citizens proclaimed. This is the United States of America where leadership and self sufficiency is supported and appreciated. A leader is an individual that'll make the tough decisions, popular or not, within the principles of the framework upon which this Republic was formed. God Bless you Wisconsin! Your an exceptional example for the rest of the nation. And for those of you who were disappointed with yesterday's results, there is always Cuba! Vote with your feet and live in the environment that suits your world view.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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