Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Will Survive?

I feel like I need to elaborate on the survivor/conqueror concept. I can remember many times when I felt like I had survived something. Perhaps you just got done surviving the weekend, or maybe you've just survived another day at work. If you really think about those statements, do they sound like the words of one who has achieved mastery in their life? Realistically, to survive something is to just "get by," or you were lucky to have it over with. Is that the posture of a winner? I'd hate to be the team that was defined as having "survived" another round of the playoffs. Why not look at a victory, which is what survival boils down to, as having conquered the opponent? The, "whew I got through that," attitude is adopting a sense that it could have gone either way. Empower yourself with confidence!

Who would you follow; William the Survivor, or William the Conqueror? I'm betting on the conqueror dude! It implies he has control of the situation. His stance mandates overcoming any obstacles between him and the prize. I'm picturing the William the Survivor fellow floating in a life jacket adrift at sea, while William the Conqueror has a whale saddled up and is riding it toward his destiny. The choice is defined by you. Are you ready to overthrow your challenges, or be pushed into action by them?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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