Monday, June 25, 2012

Showdown At High Noon!

This week is going to be a tough one on the Obama administration. It seems lately the President and his staff goes out of their way to create a boat load of problems for themselves. Each and everyday it becomes more apparent that our current leadership has forgotten the role of government; the idea that government is there to serve the people, not visa versa. As the conflict they create mounts, the people become confused. Some of the citizens are having difficulty with whom to believe. We'd all love to have faith in what those in Washington are moving forward with, but deep in our hearts we know their actions violate the principles our nation was founded upon.

This week the Catholics are beginning prayer vigils at each and everyone of their churches to promote unity in the effort to keep their freedom of religion. The hierarchy of the church will not come right out and suggest that their faithful vote this administration our of office, but if the prayers don't stop this madness created by the Obama administration you can rest assured it will activate the Catholics to vote their conscience. This will not be good for the democrats who keep pushing their agenda; as a combined force, Christians hold enough of a voting block to seal an election. May I also remind our readers this will have a deep impact on the recent ploy by this administration to subvert the Constitution and give special privileges to illegal immigrants. A great deal of that community is grounded in the Catholic faith. Let me assure you the right to life supercedes a green card, something the Catholic Church is well aware of. Their faith has provided for them a whole lot longer than any government has.

The Obama staff looks upon this as a battle of republican against the democrat philosophy, ignoring how deep faith runs in this country. They wrongly assume that since the secular message has been pounded home for decades this is their opportunity to pounce on religious freedom. It's a shame that the government has lost the morality this nation was grounded in and chooses to use division of the people as a tool to advance an agenda. I believe they would wear this as the crown achievement of their rule, imposing a law that advances the progressive agenda over religious freedom. This would mark a point in history where America move away from it's foundation of principles and into a society of secular progressivism.

It's come time when our nation asks itself which is stronger, faith in God our Creator or the rule of law designed by man? I'm betting on God!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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