Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Sacred Trust!

On 9/11 terrorists attacked our financial center, and our military brain trust. While it was a setback, we quickly took steps to secure our financial markets and firm up our pentagon. Within a very short period of time America was up and running making the attacks less effective than the enemy had hoped. The scars of lives lost still ran deep, but the intent was to bring America to it's knees by collapsing our financial center, causing disarray in our military brain trust, and the plane that never completed it's mission was to hit where our political leadership was gathered. The terrorists schemed this as a way to make an insignificant band with a cause to notoriety. It wasn't as effective as they had hoped. What they fail to account for is America's resilience.

They were in fact persistent, and perhaps by accident and born of frustration did make America sit up and take notice. The funny part is that they did it with two failed attempts to cause chaos. The terrorists were able to take away America's ability to trust! Now we frisk little old women in wheelchairs, and molest children because we fear for our safety. We stand in line to be scanned from head to toe because two attempts failed to bring down a passenger jet. One stuffed explosives in their underwear and the other in his shoe. While they failed in the mission, they did succeed in robbing us of our trust. I doubt we will ever be capable of trusting our fellow passengers again to freely walk upon an aircraft with a compliment of strangers, void of a stringent security check.

The terrorists couldn't harm our military, they couldn't destroy our financial markets, and they couldn't kill our leaders, but they could make an impact on one of the foundational blocks of freedom, trust! We are now a less free society because we have lost trust. This highlights how important trust really is. You can't have any relationship worth a hoot without it! This blow the terrorists have scored is possibly the most effective setback to freedom since we ran off the British.

With all that in mind, what is the level of trust in your personal relationships? With this revelation I now understand how important trust is. A lack of trust can bring the mightiest nation on earth to comply with the whims of a few, it most certainly is worth visiting at a personal level. Not being able to trust at any level is a sucking chest wound that puts the relationship in jeopardy of survival. Guard your trustworthiness, it's the cornerstone in the foundations you build!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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