Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Believe!

It just seems to me that Faith in this country has been under attack more so now than ever. Our founders saw the right to worship as we pleased so very important the listed it as the first priority; the First Amendment to the Constitution. Yet there are those in this nation that persist in trying to abolish one's right to praise their Creator under the guise that it offends their right not to. Which begs this question: Why?

If man had no God, and subsequently no morality from which he could borrow, the last thing there would be is peace. An amoral society, one that believes that action is neither moral nor immoral, appears to be the goal. I mean it's fairly obvious to even the most casual observer that society ignores what we ought to do and focuses almost exclusively on what they want to do. So void of a moral compass this hogwash is nothing more than educated barbarism, aimed at removing all conscience from society. Do we really want that?

It's as if "they" cannot handle their own guilt and in an attempt to resolve it push back at a moral society empowered by faith. If there was no God, then there would be no ultimate grounds for doing what is right. Everything would be permissible and the battleground morality oversees would be diminished to a struggle over preferences. "They" (those same people) are constantly seeking "fairness" and "justice" In the scenario they seek, how could that concept be applied? Without rules that rest on a solid foundation, our own individual "rights" would take precedent over every other individual. Isn't that totally contrary to the mission statement of this nation as perceived by our forefathers?

I really don't think "they" have thought through the consequences of their actions. Or have "they"?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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