Saturday, June 16, 2012


Our King, er President, decided to give a speech yesterday describing how he planned to subvert the approval of the legislative branch and impose his will on his grateful subjects. All of the pundits are rightfully up in arms at this purely political move designed to attract the votes of a specific group. Well I'm here to tell you this is probably going to backfire.

First of all it's extremely racist to assume all illegal aliens are of the Latino community, and that they are here to pick our crops as the President implied. Undocumented workers come in all races and religions, it's not just the people on our southern borders that break the law. I for one was appalled when the President mouthed the words that this mandate would ensure the farmers would have the necessary labor to harvest their crops. May I point out that not many high school graduates, GED earners, or members of the armed forces are called to the low paying jobs offered in the fields. The President is fond of mentioning that he is doing the best he can to empower the middle class. His actions say otherwise! Creating a imported army of crop harvesters isn't supplying middle class employment; quite the opposite. It's ensuring that a low cost labor force is available; basically another class of poor.

The President narrowed the field that this edict would benefit to a parameter that is all but non existent. First you have to be brought here prior to turning 16. Why not eighteen? This limits the number of qualified applicants. Then you cannot be over the age of 30. Again why? This trims the field of eligibility to yet a smaller bunch. Then you have to have a GED, high school diploma, or enlisted to serve our country, thereby making the pool even shallower. You've taken a huge group and limited them by mandate to a small minority. Will those in favor of this type of legislation really accept the limitations? I'm thinking they are seeking blanket amnesty and would see this as rather restrictive.

If the President did this to seek favor with the Hispanic community come voting time, I'm all but certain it'll fail to achieve the objective. The legal voters who are of Latin heritage already vote with favor to the democrat side. There are some who do have a conservative opinion, but that's not going to be changed by this proclamation. Will it excite them to visit the polls? Probably not, in fact it's more likely to charge the conservatives in this nation to rally at the polls and remove a President who assumes the power of dictator by subverting the Constitutional definition of the three branches of power and their duties to balance power. Let me assure you there are way more of those voters he just disgusted than illegal aliens he pleased.

Finally the President addressed the exuberant reporter who challenged his mandate with this answer to his question of, "What about the American worker?" The President replied, "this is good for all America." Frankly, I'm not feeling the value. So as a legal American just how does this benefit me? Some how the President believes that ensuring a low paid work force to harvest crops, backed with a GED, high school diploma, or military service that creates a new class of working poor, is to our benefit. With the teen unemployment rate where it is perhaps he should reconsider who this benefits.

The President created a stir, but accomplished little. He ticked off the conservative base, which will come back to haunt him. Projected a plan to benefit illegals who don't vote, with very narrow parameters, and basically assaulted the job market for out of work youth. All this has proven that our current President will even subvert the powers granted him in the Constitution to attempt to maintain his position of power. Let me assure you, that'll backfire!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

PS. What illegal would sign on to this program when it's written in pencil? It's like a hit list of illegals to deport if it's over turned!

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