Monday, April 30, 2012

Orrin Woodward And Life!

One of the best moments of this weekend's leadership conference is the dawning of the mental fitness challenge. LIFE founders have developed an assessment of where you are mentally and how you process your thoughts. Then they have developed a systematic method of improvement, designed to assist you in reevaluating outside input to receive a more desirable outcome. You can then retake the assessment test to see how you have improved in the all the areas evaluated. It's a self help course that in 90 days will guide you to becoming better in all of the eight F's. Faith, Fitness, Finance, Friends, Fun, Freedom, Following, and Family, and seriously, who could use improvement in one or more of those areas? Watch this short video to gain a better grasp of what the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is all about! God Bless! Capt. Bill

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