Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Level Playing Field!

The evils of poverty and excessive self indulgent wealth must not cause us to think that God's goal is total equality of possessions, or that all inequalities are wrong. An atmosphere of competition allows us to excel and give the glory of our achievements to God. Had God not wanted us to compete, would He have not made us all carbon copies? Assuming God's plan was for everyone to be equal, is a gigantic leap from reality.

There are people, a great deal of them in government, that believe in redistribution of private property. This is incredibly flawed thinking, although it does sell well with the people who have less, as they violate their ideals on a daily basis. Take the President for instance, when he nominates someone for a cabinet position, is he not telling the world that he believes this person is the best for the job? The President had a names list, eliminated those less qualified and chose the one he felt excelled. In other words, those others weren't equal to the person he chose. By default that same chosen person will receive compensation the others will not. Should the President compensate them all to level the playing field?

A spirit of competition allows for winners and losers. When you shop for anything you make a decision between competing products so that you come home with the highest quality for the lowest price. That again shows why a level playing field isn't realistic. If your better at anything you should be recognized as the rewards of income or accolades of praise should be directed your way. Those should be immediately redirected to Him that is responsible for your standing out above the crowd, God your Creator. This is how we glorify Him.

Competition is good, participation awards are bad. Allow no one to tell you differently. We don't need to lower the bar, we need to raise others up.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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