Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Community Verses Networking!

Leadership is all about community building. Now let's think about that for just a second because many people confuse networking and leading a community. Networking is the art of creating a roadmap of individuals you have a connection with. They don't necessarily follow you, they connect with you because you have mutual interests. Like a person who has rental properties has a network of gardeners, plumbers, electricians, etc. There is no leadership present in that network other than they all look to the rental owner for work and to get paid. As you can see this relationship has limitations, and quite frankly is fragile. This my friends is one of the downfalls of "network marketing." Now on the other hand is the strength of a community. A community differs in you share a life together focused on the same vision or goal. You create a momentum that invites others, creating a ripple affect that influences growth. A network only grows on the value to the individual, a community grows on the momentum of a shared vision that benefits all involved in one way or another. Example: A community is best represented by a church. The patrons of that church are spiritually bound seeking heaven. It benefits the group and the individual. A network is less likely to benefit the group and more likely to be beneficial to individuals. Like a realtor that sells a home uses his or her network to connect clients for services like painting, window treatments, or decorating services. No group benefit, no spirituality. Both have their place, but a community of leaders is based on a solid foundation and less likely to erode. It's reinforced with shared dreams and visions. The stronger the goals, the more momentum and loyalty in the community. Community trumps networks! God Bless! Capt. Bill

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