Sunday, April 22, 2012

More On Leadership!

One of the critical keys to leadership is the ability to attract a following. After all, if no one is drawn to follow you, by definition you cannot lead. Interestingly there are people who confuse attracting a crowd with developing a following. If your going to do something foolish, you'll likely draw a crowd. When you set an example, you will draw a following! The difference is the key, and that's reflected in the following dialog....

Jesus; "Welcome to heaven!"
You: "Man this is incredibly awesome!"
Jesus: "My good man, I told you it would be. How many people did you bring with you?"
You: "Well there are all those people who followed my leadership."
Jesus: "Outstanding! But what about the others?"
You: "I invited them, but they chose not to follow."
Jesus: "I invited you to join me in heaven...."
You: (Silence)
Jesus: "...but for that to happen, I had to go to you."
You: (Yet more silence)

You see it's not enough to not enough to be an attractive example to follow, you have to expose yourself to others. They cannot follow what they don't know of! This is why we have to go out of our way to connect with people. Once that connection is made, your example can contribute to their life. We do this by being servant leaders and adding value to others. Once that value is realized, we can celebrate the victory, and the community following your leadership example will increase. The laws of attraction cannot work without something to attract. This is a solid key to leadership, mastering the building of a community. Expose yourself to others......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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