Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick To Condemn

It's hard to overlook the fact that propagandist can fan a flame of hatred to horrible ends. Arousing the mob is the simple process of playing on their emotions, because a crowd inflamed with emotion loses it's ability to reason. The media and the race baiters come to mind in the recent shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.The distortion of fact, enhanced by a 911 call that was edited to imply the caller had a racial overtone, erased the ability of logic to overcome the emotion. Add to that the irresponsible ginning up of the crowd by religious(?) figures, who insist on preaching a gospel of hate and victimization, and you have the seduction of a mob into a state of emotional hysteria. To what end does that serve?

Crowds like this are rarely influenced by reason. The social influence is independent of the truth, or lack there of, that it may contain. Crowds think in images, and the power of that image is held in the hands of the ability of the statesman to draw out their emotion. It wasn't difficult to suggest that Trayvon was gunned down by a Afro-American hating, White-Hispanic, power hungry, cop wanna-be. Those are the same people who insist race should never be an issue. They want equality void of racial considerations, yet use the race card to transform rational people into emotion driven mobs seeking vengeance. All in an effort to secure the position as a figure head they turn to in times of emotional distress. When their job has been completed, they simply return to the airwaves to secure income and additional fame reinforced by a large viewing audience as the mob wants to be fed more emotion.

When the facts come out, and if they turn out to be contrary to the statesman's agenda, the subject will be changed to another issue of racial inequality. They'll try to focus the mob's attention to the invented hatred of the President, not because he's an abject failure, and is separated from the truth, but because of the color of his skin, an issue they claim we need to get past. Once again, falsely preying on the emotions of the crowd seeking to slowly slaughter another defenseless victim with cowardly ferocity, void of fact.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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