Monday, April 23, 2012

More On Leadership!

One of the critical elements involved in building leaders is the importance of transferring a vision. If you cannot relay the foresight of where your taking people, they are not going to blindly follow! Even the lemmings or the sheep follow for a reason, but people need a specifically defined goal. It's important that you allow them to see the need of the void your seeking to fill. It looks something like this

Need + Vision = Inspiration

Once they see the need is worthy, and you transfer the vision accurately describing the how and why, you immediately supply them the inspiration necessary to move forward and complete the task. These are all critical to the equation, otherwise you end up with this....

Need - Vision = Desperation

If the people you seek to lead sense desperation they are going to seek leadership elsewhere. For example, if you have a need such as staffing a charitable event, and you present it as we need volunteers with a tone of desperation, it comes across as disorganization.

If you transfer the feeling of how fulfilling it'll be to participate in this worthy cause, you'll garner a larger and more enthusiastic support group. The difference is subtle, but the results are significant. This is the mind set of a competent leader. Learn to pass on your vision and your cooperation level will increase tenfold.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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