Friday, April 6, 2012

Evil....To Whom?

Yesterday I did a piece on the mob and how easily propaganda can be used to sway their emotions and get them to act irrationally. I used a modern day reference, pointing to the Trayvon Martin case down here in Florida, as that is a recent and most grievous example. But the famous incident that comes to mind today, Good Friday, is the death of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Once again a mob was emotionally ginned up and acted irrationally, resulting in the death of an innocent man. While that death led to a resurrection and our salvation, it does expose the lack of intelligence of an out of control mob. We would be wise to study and understand the history of how abusers influence mob violence. I find it more than interesting that groups of people will lose common sense and allow manufactured images to control their minds, rather than what they know to be true. Think about that in reference to the crucifixion of Jesus. He walked among the people, performed miracles to benefit them, brought them to an understanding of the truth, and yet they allowed that all to be put aside and were convinced He was evil.

To whom?

Then this throng of mad men and women insisted this kind and gentle soul be unmercifully put to death! If this example alone isn't fair warning to act as a free thinking individual, who make their own rational and independent decisions, I'm not certain what it might take to preserve the truth. Avoid being a sheep led to slaughter. Research and expose the truth to yourself. Act as an independent agent of the truth, and always remember, truth tamper with is truth lost. Put a distance between yourself and those who apply a spin to what you know to be fact. And for goodness sake, let's not elect anymore of them to office! History is littered with those examples.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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