Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Night Moves!

Okay this one has been bugging me for quite awhile. Perhaps you've heard this government sponsored service announcement.

One night I went to a bar, I had a drink, I drove home. A squirrel ran across the road, I swerved. I hit a guy.

Then another young lady says...

One night I went to a bar, I had a drink, I took a taxi home. A squirrel ran across the road, the taxi swerved.

The message is clear and a great reminder. Don't drink and drive! Here's the problem. Squirrels are not nocturnal animals. Come sundown they carry their furry little butts into a big leafy nest and go to sleep. Leave it to the government to produce and pay for a commercial this far removed from reality. How does one take advice from anybody who is this misinformed?

Here's my point, for the greater art of the last decade the new ventures undertaken by government have failed to achieve their objectives. Why is that? Because they don't have a clue what they are talking about, and this is why out founding father's made their responsibilities concise and simple. Raise armies, print money, maintain the roads, and make sure the states traded freely among themselves. There is nothing there about social engineering.

Can anyone name me a government program outside the parameters of our founding documents that is a shining success? They designed a system to prevent bank panics and produced the largest bank panic in the history of mankind. They created a social security insurance program that's not only insolvent, but a fraud for those just entering the system. It just goes on and on, and they justify it with hypothetical nonsense. "Well, had we not taken this action it would have been worse!" Prove it! Which of an of the government reforms of the past decade has achieved it's objectives? Yet there is still a tendency to regard existing government intervention as desirable, as if hypothetically they could work if run by disinterested men, free from the pressure of special interest groups, and the pandering to likely voters.

Their excuses keep echoing in my head. as supposed intellectuals they compare the existing state of affairs with all it's injustices and defects, to a hypothetical state of affairs it might be. Then they tell me that squirrels run across the road at night.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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