Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Not In The Budget!

"Debt enslaves people to the urgent."-Orrin Woodward

If you ponder this quote it's pretty deep. How many families are working to achieve the will-come needed to pay off purchases they didn't have the willpower to delay gratification for and earn? Are they focusing on quality of life, or just in a rut trying to relieve themselves of the debt they created?

This is not a disease limited to those who have limited incomes. I watched a man a of means, a lawyer in fact, make the most absurd statement about the government needing to collect more taxes to help relieve the debt. Now with that financial mind set, how do you think his own personal finances stack up? It's one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves, increased income rarely solves financial problems. The answer lies within your spending habits. Any financial counselor worth his salt will address those issues first.

So with that in mind is our great nation focusing on the what it's charter designated it to do, or are we occupied with urgently finding a way to relieve our national debt? That's a trick question because I've yet to see anyone take a serious jab at getting this country to live within it's means. We don't even have a budget, and again that's one of the first things a financial counselor would insist upon when addressing financial woes. Making a written budget and sticking to it is everyone's model for financial success. Why would a government be exempt?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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