Monday, April 9, 2012

What If?

See if this rings a bell. Karl Marx often argued that labor was exploited. His reasoning was that labor produced the "whole" of the end product, but only received a small portion in return. He believed that labor was entitled to what it produces. So if there is a guy who works in a BMW factory installing lug nuts, he is entitled to drive a BMW. This is the mind set of not only the current union management in this country, but several of the individuals who hold office in the White House.

They don't understand that the people who shoulder the risk of buying the machinery, purchasing the raw materials, laying out the rent and the utilities for the facility, and paying the labor costs to manufacture are entitled to the bulk of the return. You see they don't understand how wealth is created, so they are clueless when it comes to what steps are necessary to inspire it.

Wealth to them is considered inequality, and is measured by the differences in the level of living between the "privileged" and other classes. Classes they take great steps to preserve, as if we are not living in a capitalist country but one of socialist regime. The greatest achievement of capitalism is that anyone has the opportunity to extend, develop, and improve their capacities. Not the current mantra of the union and it's government shills that it leads to an unfair accumulation of property and wealth that they need to tax the snot out of to redistribute.

And how is that money used? Well, they group like income people in a housing project, infesting the neighborhood with poor association. Broken families, illegal substance addiction, crime, and juvenile delinquency is what those impoverished people know as normal. Then in an attempt to level the playing field they bus that population all across the town to different schools spending yet even more money . This is the "war on poverty." One we've been fighting for decades with no exit strategy, save the constant cry of inequality from those who fund and created the mess. This is the interference of government and the demonization of capitalism at it's finest.

What if these people weren't herded into one section of town. What if we changed their association and modeled a better existence? What if the quality of their schools in their neighborhood was equal and they didn't have to travel? What if that money was used for education rather than transportation? What if government took a hands off approach to income equality, leveling the playing field, and individuals actually learned to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them by capitalism? What if people were given the opportunity to earn and learn the pride of a job well done? What if?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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